Welcome to BRIAN

BRIAN (the Brain tumouR Information and Analysis Network) is an online app which has been developed by The Brain Tumour Charity to help people cope with a brain tumour. BRIAN will help you - and those supporting you – to understand how you are doing and to make better informed decisions.

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BRIAN Features

Here are just some of the features you'll find in BRIAN.

Quality of life

Track quality of life, including symptoms and emotions.


See insights derived from national data sets and user input.


Complete challenges on a daily basis to keep your brain active.

Treatment and care

Keep track of treatments, appointments and medications.

Seizure tracker

Record details of seizures and log when they occur.


Track side-effects felt from medication or treatments.


Help researchers and The Charity by completing questionnaires.

Tumour log

Record information about tumour(s) and how they change.

Clinical trials

Find clinical trials and track trial involvement.


Keep track of benefits and assistance received.

Invite users

Invite healthcare professionals or others to access your data.

Training videos

Watch training videos if you need help with using BRIAN's features.

Is BRIAN for me?

BRIAN has been designed for all kinds of people, whether you are living with a brain tumour, caring for someone who is, or you work in healthcare or research.

Support from BRIAN
Recently diagnosed?

BRIAN's tools, like the Benefits Checker and Clinical Trials Finder, offer information that may be difficult to find.

BRIAN's insights provide information about others on the same journey.

Support from BRIAN
Having treatment?

BRIAN can help you keep track of treatments, appointments, medications, side-effects and wellbeing.

This information can be quickly and easily shared with healthcare professionals.

Support from BRIAN
Lost someone?

You can contribute valuable historical information to BRIAN's database, by sharing details of treatments and quality of life.

Questionnaires in BRIAN provide researchers with even more information.

Support from BRIAN

You can share your BRIAN information with carers, family members or healthcare professionals.

The visualisations in BRIAN help to convey how things have been since the last appointment.

Support from BRIAN

BRIAN supports researchers by granting them access to anonymised user-entered patient outcome and quality of life data.

BRIAN will provide cost-free access to data sets from national healthcare organisations.

How sharing your experience helps

Both NHS Digital and Public Health England have allowed us access to data of brain tumour patients over a period stretching back 10 years. This valuable data has allowed us to produce fascinating insights relating to diagnosis and treatment.

By recording and allowing access to your anonymised data, researchers will better understand people’s quality of life when living with a brain tumour diagnosis. They can also use the collective experiences of patients to drive forward research into brain tumours and accelerate progress towards a cure.


Our credentials

NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit
GDPR Compliant
Data securely managed by Microsoft Azure (ISO 27001 certified)
UK Health Research Authority Research Ethics Approval
Commended for good practice by auditors from NHS Digital
Member of the UK Health Data Research Alliance
Third Sector Awards Breakthrough Nominee 2020
Charity Times Awards Best Use of Technology Nominee 2020
Certified by ORCHA as a high-quality medical app

Our data partners

NHS Digital
Public Health England
SAIL Databank
General Medical Council
Public Health Scotland
Northern Ireland Cancer Registry
Office for National Statistics

Our research partners

NHS Trusts using BRIAN

Our techology partners


Aisling Burnand, MBE – Former CEO of Association of Medical Research Charities

"So great to see the progress of BRIAN. It’s an amazing achievement – ground-breaking and hopefully will inspire others."

Katie Bushby - Programme Lead at the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission and Emeritus Professor of Neuromuscular Genetics at Newcastle University

"We found BRIAN and the access it provided to people’s real-life experience of different centres invaluable when looking at the applications for Tessa Jowell Centre of Excellence status. The ability to look at how patients and families feel about the care they are receiving over time adds a whole new dimension to the way we can assess centres now and in the coming years. It’s also great to know that BRIAN is providing a tool to help people manage their condition and how it makes them feel. This is something that we would have appreciated when my husband had been diagnosed with his glioblastoma. BRIAN is a fantastic research tool but also so much more in the way it feeds back to its participants in real time."

Prof Keyoumars Ashkan – King’s College Hospital

"BRIAN is a very useful tool and we are already using it at King’s in a variety of ways. BRIAN links up with a whole spectrum of different registries and databases; the Cancer Registry, databases from Public Health England, from various hospitals themselves - it brings all that data together. BRIAN sees and pushes the right information through to patients. It looks at their tumour, needs, and provides them with the information relevant to them."

Dr Paul Brennan, Senior Clinical Lecturer in neurosurgery at the University of Edinburgh

"With this project, researchers will for the first time have access to large amounts of data from lots of patients. This is game-changing for research into brain tumours, permitting researchers to ask questions and test hypotheses on a database that is more representative of the ‘real-world’ than ever before."

Paolo Jose De Luna - Clinical Research Nurse - St. Bartholomew's Hospital

"I work as a Clinical Research Nurse for Barts Health NHS Trust and I have used the BRIAN app to improve patient experience and outcomes for glioblastoma patients. From a user standpoint, the app is simple and easy to use.

First of all, thank you very much for what you have built, this is an amazing resource for brain tumour patients, families, and care providers. The BRIAN app has a lot of potential as it continues to improve. There are not enough words as to how much you have helped thousands of people with this application."

Peter, who lost his wife Wendy, to a brain tumour

"Being able to help others to avoid some aspects of this awful disease is satisfying and motivating."

Molly, diagnosed with a grade 1 pilocytic astrocytoma

"Using BRIAN was a good way to keep track of things, as I’ve suffered with memory issues since starting treatment. I’ve entered medication, symptoms, side-effects and mood tracking information."

Mike, whose daughter Elsie was diagnosed with a pilomyxoid astrocytoma

"BRIAN has been useful to keep a check on Elsie’s side-effects from treatment and we’ve also been completing the quality of life questionnaires. Keeping a record of appointments and treatments has reminded us of her progress so far. It helps to keep track of the burden of treatment and puts things into perspective when things are difficult."