BRIAN has been made possible thanks to volunteers, organisations and open source software. In particular, we would like to thank the individuals and organisations listed below.

Data sources

This project involves data derived from patient-level information collected by the NHS, as part of the care and support of cancer patients. The data is collated, maintained and quality assured by the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service, which is part of Public Health England (PHE). Access to the data was facilitated by the PHE Office for Data Release.

ICD-10 codes, terms and text used by permission of WHO, from: International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision (ICD-10). Vols 1-3. Geneva, World Health Organization, 1992-2016 Abbreviated form: ICD-10 codes, terms and text © World Health Organization, 1992-2016

The OPCS Classification of Interventions and Procedures, codes, terms and text is Crown copyright (2016) published by Health and Social Care Information Centre, also know as NHS Digital and licensed under the Open Government Licence available at

The list of registered medical practitioners that appears in BRIAN is sourced from the General Medical Council (GMC)’s LRMP Product. This data has been used under licence. Whilst The Brain Tumour Charity endeavours to use the latest practicable version of the LRMP Product, the definitive version is available from the GMC on its website

NHS Digital
Public Health England
Public Health Scotland
Northern Ireland Cancer Registry
General Medical Council

Technology partners

BrightSpark Innovations
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